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Brick & Stone Cleaning...

Our expertise on cleaning all types Brick & Stone is extensive, we can advise you on the best methods of cleaning dirty or marked Brick & Stone and return its natural appearance, we offer multiple methods of cleaning these include, pressure washing, chemical cleaning using acid, or sand blasting.

We will of course advise you on the best course, cleaning may be combined with re-pointing or some Stone & Brick Repair to further enhance the overall look, see pointing.

The photographs you see above were taken during a project in Horsforth, and involve the sandblasting and pointing of the properties frontage and chimney stacks to restore its original appearance, at first the existing pebble dashing was removed to expose the hidden stone work, the pointing was then cut-out and the property was then sandblasted and pressure washed, the stone work was then re-pointed.

The photographs below are taken before and after we finished, we also pebble dashed the sides and rear of the property and re slated the roof.

BEFORE                                                                AFTER                                


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